Which cloud is right for you?

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Cloud Platform

For the cloud, the sky is the limit, if service providers use the right approach. For cloud services, one size does not fit all. Funambol provides the one platform that providers need to get to market quickly with best-in-class and flexible services to maximize their cloud opportunities.

Personal Cloud

OneMediaHub enables providers to go-to-market with the best white-label personal cloud service. It stores user content in their cloud, has a digital life UI, is highly flexible and can be hosted or on-premises.
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Business Cloud

OneBizHub enables providers to rapidly offer a branded, easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective cloud file sync & share service for SMBs and enterprises. It is available via a SaaS model or on-premises.
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Safety Cloud

OneSafetyHub is a white-label cloud service that enhances family security by performing tasks such as monitoring the location of family members, detecting erratic driving and allowing silent alert requests for help.

The Company

Funambol is the leading provider of platforms that power many cloud services. Funambol enables mobile operators, system integrators and other service providers to rapidly go-to-market with branded and diverse cloud services.