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Videos by Funambol and our customers about Funambol-powered cloud services appear below. Beneath the videos are brochures, white papers and other materials about Funambol cloud services.

OneMediaHub overview
OneBizHub overview
O2 (UK) Store & Share video
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Soccer Team video
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Library video
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Shopping Mall video
Vivo Sync (Portugese)
Terabox - Movistar, Telefonica Argentina (Spanish)

Brochures, white papers, datasheets, market research & more

OneMediaHub guided tour

PDF File, 1MB

The guided tour shows screenshots that illustrate OneMediaHub's major capabilities and why people love it.

OneMediaHub datasheet

PDF File, 432KB

This datasheet describes the OneMediaHub white-label personal cloud solution that enables mobile consumers to simplify and enjoy their digital life.

10 Great Things About OneMediaHub v18

PDF File, 1.2M

This slideshow lists 10 great things about Funambol OneMediaHub v18 including several capabilities that are better than other cloud services.

OneBizHub datasheet

PDF File, 282KB

This datasheet describes OneBizHub, a white-label cloud file sync & share solution for small & medium businesses (SMBs).

White paper: 2016 Operator Cloud Services Blueprint

PDF File, 496KB

This white paper provides a blueprint that operators and other mobile service providers can follow for a successful cloud strategy.

One IoT Hub datasheet

PDF File, 271KB

One IoT Hub automates many of the core functions that are inherent in IoT services, such as data synchronization, user authentication and security - read more about its functionality in this datasheet.

OneSIMHub datasheet

PDF File, 240KB

OneSIMHub enables providers to offer a valuable cloud service for SIM card users that syncs their contacts into the cloud, for use on smartphones as well as on other feature phones.

8 of the Largest Mobile Operators Use Funambol

PDF File, 335KB

Of the largest mobile operators in the world, 8 have deployed or are launching a personal cloud service based on Funambol. These operators collectively have more than one billion subscribers. Learn more about who they are and their reasons for deploying personal cloud service.

Funambol and IBM: flexible personal cloud solution brief

PDF File, 925KB

This solution brief describes the flexible personal cloud solution that Funambol and IBM are jointly offering to mobile service providers.

Technical Backgrounder: Developing and Managing Mobile Applications with SyncML and Funambol

PDF File, 212KB

This book provides an overview of synchronization concepts and applications, SyncML ,and Funambol data sync software.

Funambol Data Synchronization Server Overview

PDF File, 88KB

This article provides an introduction to SyncML, its use, and integration of the Funambol Data Synchronization (DS) mobile application framework.

Funambol Data Synchronization Server Scalability

PDF File, 68KB

This document addresses the specifics of clustered load balancing for the Funambol Data Synchronization server to achieve scalability.