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Videos by Funambol and our customers about personal clouds powered by OneMediaHub appear below. Beneath the videos are white papers, datasheets and other materials about Funambol and personal clouds.

OneMediaHub overview
OneMediaHub personal cloud
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Soccer Team video
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Library video
Orange Cloud - Just Like Magic - Shopping Mall video
Vivo Sync (Portugese)
Le Cloud d'Orange (French)

Datasheets, white papers, research and technical backgrounders

What's New in Funambol OneMediaHub v13.5

PDF File, 613KB

This document describes the new features in OneMediaHub v13.5.

Funambol OneMediaHub v13 datasheet

PDF File, 1.3M

Funambol OneMediaHub version 13 is a new generation of personal clouds that is much more than cloud storage. It tames the 'splinternet' and makes 'anytime, anywhere' not only a reality but a pleasure.

8 of the Largest Mobile Operators Use Funambol

PDF File, 335KB

Of the largest mobile operators in the world, 8 have deployed or are launching a personal cloud service based on Funambol. These operators collectively have more than one billion subscribers. Learn more about who they are and their reasons for deploying personal cloud service.

Funambol and IBM: flexible personal cloud solution brief

PDF File, 925KB

This solution brief describes the flexible personal cloud solution that Funambol and IBM are jointly offering to mobile service providers.

Onboarding Position Paper: The Cost of Mobile Data Migration

PDF File, 195KB

This position paper discusses how onboarding (aka migrating data from one mobile device to another) has evolved from a simple transfer of address books to a comprehensive cloud-based mobile sync service that offers numerous benefits to end users and service providers.

A Brave New World: The Internet of Things

PDF File, 250KB

This document describes how there will soon be billions of new internet-ready devices that require syncing a wide variety of data and rich media via the cloud, and the role of open source to make this happen.

Technical Backgrounder: Developing and Managing Mobile Applications with SyncML and Funambol

PDF File, 212KB

This book provides an overview of synchronization concepts and applications, SyncML ,and Funambol data sync software.

What Service Providers Need To Know About Personal Clouds: 25 Strategic Considerations (September, 2013)

PDF File, 344K

The personal cloud market is quickly nearing the tipping point. At the same time, the balance of power among personal cloud providers has shifted. This white paper is for companies that are contemplating a personal cloud service, to help make them aware of 25 strategic considerations. Think of it as a blueprint to guide your organization's personal cloud strategy.

Personal Cloud End User Survey Report (August, 2012)

PDF File, 1.2M

Funambol conducted a survey of 42,500 people around the world to learn about their views of personal cloud storage (PCS) services and whether mobile operators still have a window of opportunity to offer PCS services -- download the report to find out, the answers may surprise you!

Strategy Brief: Profiting from the Brutal Cloud Storage Wars: And the Winner is...

PDF File, 186K

Apple, Google, Microsoft and others are battling to offer large amounts of free cloud storage to entice users. This strategy brief explains why this predatory pricing tactic will fail and identifies a surprising winner in this market.

2012 Cloud-based Digital Content Survey Report

PDF File, 1.3M

A Funambol global survey researched the use of digital content (pictures, videos, music, files and PIM data) on mobile & computing devices. It found that digital content is becoming much more spread out and difficult to manage. The survey also found that there is a large market need for a personal cloud service to secure, sync and share digital content.

Funambol Data Synchronization Server Overview

PDF File, 88KB

This article provides an introduction to SyncML, its use, and integration of the Funambol Data Synchronization (DS) mobile application framework.

Funambol Data Synchronization Server Scalability

PDF File, 68KB

This document addresses the specifics of clustered load balancing for the Funambol Data Synchronization server to achieve scalability.