Funambol OneHub

One Platform. Many Cloud Services.

For providers, the cloud can mean high growth - if they use the right approach.
With the cloud, one size does not fit all - the key is flexibility.
The best approach requires a powerful platform with best-in-class cloud services.
Funambol provides the one platform and cloud services that providers need. The OneHub Platform enables providers to go-to-market quickly with several white-label services: The platform provides all of the key components required by cloud services, including:
  • Sync engine to keep mobile and computer data in sync with a user’s cloud account
  • xCloud to include 3rd party content from cloud drives and social networks in a user’s cloud
  • Authentication, provisioning & billing integration with a provider’s systems
  • KPIs, mobile analytics and engagement to drive user adoption
  • Security capabilities, such as encryption and anti-virus
  • Content transcoding and TV support
  • White-label branding and internationalization support
  • Contacts and rich media management
The platform uses a modern architecture and industry standards for rapid integration into a provider’s infrastructure. It provides high scalability, availability and performance. The platform and its services can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud by Funambol or a third party. It has REST APIs for integration with other systems. This enables providers to get to market quickly with best-in-class cloud services.

For more information about the OneHub Platform and its cloud services, download its datasheet or cloud strategy blueprint, or contact the Funambol sales team.

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