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Funambol Customer Council Meeting 3, May 12-13, 2015, Foster City, CA


Funambol is hosting its 3rd annual Customer Council Meeting (CCM3), on Tuesday & Wednesday, May 12-13, 2015, at Funambol headquarters in Foster City, CA. Last year’s meeting was highly successful and CCM3 builds on last year’s event to make this year’s customer council meeting even better. The meeting is an opportunity for Funambol customers to learn about and provide feedback on Funambol solutions and initiatives. It is a chance to network with other Funambol customers, to discuss and share experiences and best practices for user adoption and go-to-market activities. The meeting has these objectives and planned topics.

Objectives: opportunity for Funambol customers to:
* learn about the newest Funambol solutions and provide input into the roadmap
* share & discuss best practices for user adoption and go-to-market activities
* hear about the latest personal cloud market trends and competitive updates

Funambol topics to be covered include:
* new version of OneMediaHub, including Family Hub & xCloud (cloud-of-clouds)
* product directions and roadmap for the above
* Capptain mobile analytics and marketing (optional service for OneMediaHub)
* OneBizHub, Funambol’s white-label business cloud solution
* OneSIMHub, Funambol’s white-label SIM contact backup & restore solution
* Personal cloud market trends, competitive updates & marketing resources

The meeting is for the people at Funambol customers who are responsible for the Funambol service in their company, including executives, managers and marketing personnel. For more information and/or to request an invitation, please contact your Funambol account executive.

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